Thursday, July 8, 2010


So I was playing around with adding new tasks for the dm3730-am3715-evm machine type (I'll be submitting patches for these soon) and I was getting really annoyed because I kept picking up packages that I didn't want. For example I had the following section in one of my tasks:


MULTIMEDIA_omap3 = " \
ti-dmai-apps \
ti-codec-engine-examples \
task-arago-gst \
gstreamer-ti \


I was expecting that since I didn't have a MULTIMEDIA_dm3730-am3715-evm variable defined that I would pick up the default MULTIMEDIA line and there would be no RDEPENDS setting. Instead I kept getting the omap3 settings which was trying to build packages I didn't want.

So I dug into the conf/machine/dm3730-am3715-evm.conf file and noticed that it included the file which sets SOC_FAMILY to omap3. This gave me my insight into what was happening. The omap3 lines were getting picked up because the dm3730-am3715-evm section was empty. Basically the order was MACHINE -> SOC_FAMILY -> DEFAULT.

I'm sure this is somewhat simplified, but it gets the point across. Basically as I see it the SOC_FAMILY is a good way to specify variables for an entire family of devices without having to say XYZ_dev1, XYZ_dev2, etc and set them all the same.

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